Connect with walk-ins on their phones, frictionlessly

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Connect with walk-ins on their phones, frictionlessly

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Explore use cases

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Connect with walk-in customers who skip store associates, assist shoppers during peak hours, retarget them online after a store visit.

We help brands and retailers turn smartphones into interactive customer experiences inside their stores, creating measurable P&L impact.

Virtual AI store assistant

With an on-brand virtual assistant and NFC tags, we bring product expertise, promotions, and educational content directly to customers' phones.

Unmatched insights

We turn anonymous walk-in customers into marketing leads, and support your digital campaigns with real-time insights from your stores.

what we do

Walk-in customers are

Untapped P&L potential


walk-in customers are anonymous; only a few are known through loyalty programs.


consider their phone to be “very important” to their in-store shopping experience.


higher conversion rates when retargeting walk-in customers vs. website visitors.

Enhance hands-on product interactions with phygital experiences that convert, educate, and inform shoppers. No app downloads.
our solution

Enhance in-store shopping with a mobile experience that provides immediate assistance to shoppers whenever, wherever they need it.

Onboarding: A simple tap gets Elfie on any phone


As a mobile web application, Elfie runs on any modern web browser, such as Chrome or Safari, without requiring an app download or installation. Use NFC tags that blend seamlessly into your retail design to transform any merchandise into a mobile touchpoint.

Product Scanner: Product details at a glance


The Scanner is a web-based camera module that allows shoppers to "scan" an item for more information, ask questions or create side-by-side product comparisons. The feature combines visual search and optical character recognition (OCR) for outstanding accuracy.

Product Finder AI: Tailored product recommendations


The Product Finder AI connects to your product catalog and helps shoppers find the most suitable product for their use case. Using conversational AI, it asks clarifying questions to provide tailored recommendations in 90+ languages.

Stories: Promote your brands and products


Stories enable you to educate and inform shoppers about topics relevant to their buying journey, narrated through interactive images and videos. Link products to Stories to create look books, increase product awareness or introduce brands, partnerships, and more.

Collections: Curate top 10 lists and themed collections


Product collections are best used with themes, such as top 10 lists, and are great to increase product awareness. You can also use them to bring an endless aisle experience into your stores and promote products that are only available online.

Moments: Promote events, your socials, and more


Choose from over 8 use cases or request custom use cases designed and built specifically for your stores. Whatever your aspirations, we help you launch a unique on-brand store experience that enhances your customers' in-store journey.


Our technology is

What sets us apart

Leverage AI inside your store

​Connect PAJO to your product catalog and enable shoppers to ask product questions, create side-by-side product comparisons or ask for tailored recommendations.

Product Recognition Engine™
Easy access to information

Our Product Recognition Engine™ enables shoppers to scan in-store products for instant access to more information by simply using their phone camera.

Always up-to-date

Your product catalog serves as the single source of truth. Our AI updates product knowledge in real-time to ensure that any information is up-to-date.

The most interactive way to engage

NFC technology enables shoppers to tap their phone whenever they need assistance and does not require any app download.

A strong focus on
Data and insights
Tune in: learn from conversations

Analyse conversations and learn what shoppers are looking for, what questions they have, and how they phrase them to improve your in-store merchandise.

Profiles & segmentations

Track product and content views, store visits, use of promotions, and more. Gather actionable, meaningful insights to enhance your marketing campaigns.

Leverage insights, reconnect online

Collect email addresses or phone numbers from shoppers, ready to use in direct marketing campaigns, or retarget shoppers online after their visit to a store.


We partner with

Forward-thinking brands and retailers

Supported by a strong network of brands, retailers, and partners.

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We are more than happy to help and assist you if you have any project inquiries or specific questions.

Shows a fashion boutique using PAJO's NFC technology embedded into the store design.
Digital experiences
That blend in perfectly
NFC Tags

Shoppers can tap their phones on any NFC tag to embark on their digital journey. Our technology works frictionlessly on all common phones, no app download.

QR Codes

Use dynamic QR codes whenever NFC isn't an option and make changes even after you've printed them.

why pajo

Working with us

Collaborative, fast, always transparent


Putting your products first

Our technology goes "back into your customers' pockets" if not needed. No distractions.


On-brand experiences

Request an custom version of Elfie to match the appearance and dress code of your store associates.  


Always transparent

We ensure clear insights into any interaction or conversation shoppers have with Elfie.


Inclusive all the way

Our web-based technology works on 95% of common smartphones and is backed by Google.


Built for physical locations

No download or installation required; up to 30% higher engagement rates than traditional native apps.


100% data integrity

The data you collect is yours. We don't sell your data to 3rd parties and adhere to high data privacy standards.


Get answers

To your questions

How do I set everything up?

Integrate PAJO with your eCommerce site. We retrieve product details, index the catalog for our Product Recognition Engine™, and that's it. Once NFC tags or QR codes are in place, shoppers can start engaging with Elfie.

Do I need an app?

No, Elfie is a web-based solution. Shoppers can access her by holding their phone near an NFC tag or scanning a QR code. Elfie loads in the default web browser like Chrome or Safari, requiring no app download or installation.

How long does it take to set up?

Usually about a week. Indexing your product catalog takes a day as we sync all the information overnight, and delivering your in-store assets, such as posters or NFC tags, to the store also takes a few days.

Can I customise Elfie?

We recognise that each brand and setup is unique. That's why we provide customisation options for Elfie, enabling you to replace her with a replica of your sales assistants. Please reach out to our team to explore customisation possibilities further.

View case study
View case study